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I've been around Second Life for a few years now - did the obligatory club scene, owned my own club. That didn't last too long. SL to me is now about content creation and fashion. I love to create (and learn) & to search for the most awesome creations in Second Life. I'll be opening my store, fucifino, soon and I will be showcasing my new creations here as well as all those awesome finds that I come across in my SL travels.

Another Side of me: Land Owner

I'm co-owner of Belle Island Estates. We offer land for rent or sale, residential or commercial. Currently offer 4096 lots for sale or rent. If you want something smaller, bigger, etc, we'll work with you to customize how you want your property.

Look #018 Happy Friday!

Look #018.1

Just a quick post before I head off to a night full of wonderful slumber (hopefully).

Today was Black Friday and it sucked - waiting in long lines and still not getting what I wanted gave me a killer headache. I came home and logged into SL and prepared for the One Eleven Event. I tried and tried to get to the vent, but TP try after try, I was denied. I figured the SL Black Friday was going to go the way of my RL Black Friday, until finally, this came up on my chat: [06:05 PM]  Requesting Teleport...
[06:05 PM]  Contacting new region.

I was SO happy! I was in the One Eleven Event.  Time to start clicking 'buy' on the items I wanted. Then, SCREECH!!  The prices were outrageous! There were no deals like in RL Black Friday - just limited edition items. I had to rethink things - fast - because there were a lot of bitchiness in the room (remove your prims, you're causing lag; stop moving, you're causing lag; you're standing still, you're causing lag; and my favorite, you're talking, you're causing lag).

So I picked up the !Ohmai Azure's Pico Sweater {Vintage}. I had to have this.  It's a lovely sweater. I had to do very little adjusting to the prims. Maybe I finally got my, uh, breast size right LOL!

Look #018.2


Sweater: Ohmai : Azure's Pico Sweater {Vintage} One Eleven Event 
Jeans: SC Surf Couture - Belmar Skinny Jeans - Original
Boots: SC Surf Couture - Olea Boots - Worn
Hair: TRUTH Sonya -  cocoa
Skin: Glam Affair- Eva skin -  Winter make up  TDR
Glasses: Fishy Strawberry College Glasses
Pose: (marukin) wilfred in motion
Location: The Escape


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