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I've been around Second Life for a few years now - did the obligatory club scene, owned my own club. That didn't last too long. SL to me is now about content creation and fashion. I love to create (and learn) & to search for the most awesome creations in Second Life. I'll be opening my store, fucifino, soon and I will be showcasing my new creations here as well as all those awesome finds that I come across in my SL travels.

Another Side of me: Land Owner

I'm co-owner of Belle Island Estates. We offer land for rent or sale, residential or commercial. Currently offer 4096 lots for sale or rent. If you want something smaller, bigger, etc, we'll work with you to customize how you want your property.

50L Friday for April 8

Lots of great stuff this Friday!  Everyone is out (oh yeah!)

50L Friday April 8: Kari 01
Kari - the wanderer suitcase

50L Friday April 8: Kari 02 me? LOL

50L Friday April 8: Mocha
Mocha - Spring has come Dress

50L Friday April 8: Theosophy
Theosophy - Lochdon boots BOOTS!

50L Friday April 8: Deco 01
DECO - Rain boots in Black OR Pink I Love THESE!

50L Friday April 8: Deco 02
DECO - Black Jacket & Black Jeans

50L Friday April 8: Hoot
Hoot - Eye Crawlers. I got the red ones from the Albero Kawaii Hunt - SO CUTE!

50L Friday April 8: Miel 02
miel - maki scarf (flor) (color change!)

50L Friday April 8: Miel 01
miel - maki scarf (linen) (color change!)

50L Friday April 8: Artilleri
Artilleri - Yellow Enamel Pots & Bowling Shirt (also totally eyeing that stove to the right!)

50L Friday April 8: Young Urban
Young Urban - Wester Shirt (Green) More stuff for the boys!

50L Friday April 8: Turquoise Unicorn Studios
Turquoise Unicorn Studios - Eater Egg Eyes (I love it! Eater Eggs...HAHAHA)

50L Friday April 8: Antebellum
Antebellum - poses and Nap Pose

50L Friday April 8: Lamb
Lamb - Bitter in Kit Kat and Honeycomb (demo available)

This song was on my radio while I was @ Antebellum so I am sharing ;-)


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