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I've been around Second Life for a few years now - did the obligatory club scene, owned my own club. That didn't last too long. SL to me is now about content creation and fashion. I love to create (and learn) & to search for the most awesome creations in Second Life. I'll be opening my store, fucifino, soon and I will be showcasing my new creations here as well as all those awesome finds that I come across in my SL travels.

Another Side of me: Land Owner

I'm co-owner of Belle Island Estates. We offer land for rent or sale, residential or commercial. Currently offer 4096 lots for sale or rent. If you want something smaller, bigger, etc, we'll work with you to customize how you want your property.

50L Friday for March 18

I know I am late for posting apologies!  When I took these pictures, Theosophy and Turquoise Unicorn Studios did not have anything out for today.

50L Fridays March 18: Deco 01
Deco: Roughneck Boots

50L Fridays March 18: Deco 02
Deco: Recycled Necklace. I love the bottlecaps!

50L Fridays March 18: Hoot
Hoot: Birdsong Eyeshadow

50L Fridays March 18: miel
miel: echo necklace (color change) totally digging this!

50L Fridays March 18: Artilleri
artilleri - ulrika top and Gunda Kitchen Scale. Why oh why did I get so excited over a kitchen SL!? so cute!

50L Fridays March 18: Young Urban
Young Urban: Edwin Jeans (for men and woman). Next to this vendor was their 49L item for Dudes. Don't know how long it's out for (yes, I am useless when it comes to stuff for the guys - I apologize).

50L Fridays March 18: Antebellum
Antebellum - facial hair MCCVIII. This ad made me LOL so hard. (demo available)

50L Fridays March 18: Lamb
Lamb: The Glow Redux (in black and white) (demo available)

That's it folks! Weekend has lots to offer for the shopper: Super Bargain Saturday (check out my post on Shopping Cart Disco), Project Themeory, The Dressing Room, Spruce Up Your Space, and Lazy Sunday! And I am sure on Monday, I will be adding more lindens to my account!


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