More About Me...

I've been around Second Life for a few years now - did the obligatory club scene, owned my own club. That didn't last too long. SL to me is now about content creation and fashion. I love to create (and learn) & to search for the most awesome creations in Second Life. I'll be opening my store, fucifino, soon and I will be showcasing my new creations here as well as all those awesome finds that I come across in my SL travels.

Another Side of me: Land Owner

I'm co-owner of Belle Island Estates. We offer land for rent or sale, residential or commercial. Currently offer 4096 lots for sale or rent. If you want something smaller, bigger, etc, we'll work with you to customize how you want your property.

New @ fucifino

New this weekend!

fucifino.The Estate Vino Set

fucifino.Dono della Natura for Moody Mondays (27.June)

When making the Estate Vino Set, all I could imagine was setting some place in Napa Valley, drinking a glass of wine, and watching the sunset. This outdoor set comes with 2 chairs, 2 tables, umbrella, fruit plate, wine & glasses, flowers and 'shrooms. All of this is 30 prims. The chairs have 8 animations. Available for La Venta Eventa this weekend for 60L!

The Dono della Natura (a.k.a. hexagon window shelf with cute birds) is my offering for Moody Monday. I was asking friends for a name and this is what I got LOL! :) The shelf itself is 5 prims and the accessories are 15 prims. It's soft linked so you can decorate it anyway you'd like.

Get it now until the end of Monday for only 55L.

SLURL: Fucifino

New Releases @ Fucifino

So when Friday finally comes around, how many of you have the stupid Friday song by Rebecca Black stuck in your head???  *raises her hand*

Anyway, LOL, I have a couple of new releases for tonight. First up, Ingrid's House:

fucifino.Ingrid's House for La Venta Eventa

I told you that I was in a new event, La Venta Eventa.  And Ingrid's House is the item I made for it.

The house comes in with 119 prims (152 prims with the included accessories: 3 window boxes, 2 flower urns and 2 lanterns) on a 10 x 20 footprint. The second floor of the home has two bedrooms while on the main floor, you will find a living room and a kitchen and dining area. There is also a cozy back deck area with a custom sculpted trellis.  Get this all for 100L until Monday!

The deck furniture does not come with the house but it is my offering for Moody Monday: the Casa di Partita Set: di partita set for Moody Mondays

The table is 7 prims, the chairs 2 prims each and the included accessories (flowers, fruit bowl, table runner and bunting) total 28 prims.  It's soft linked so you can decorate how you like.

Get it now until the end of Monday for only 55L. (Yes, I know it's not Monday yet, but I'll be too busy this weekend to take care of all of that).

Each event has a Flickr Group.  Make sure you check them out to see all the other wonderful products available for these events:

La Venta Eventa:
Moody Mondays:


Moody Mondays @ Fucifino!!!

fucifino.Chase's Pallet Patio Set

It's Monday which means time for another round of Moody Mondays and new stuffs!

My item this week is Chase's Pallet Patio Set.

Recently, I have been searching for/thinking of ideas on how to reuse Pallets in RL (some fun projects coming my way this summer!). And I came up with this patio set. This will definitely be a hard project for me because it requires a saw (YIKES!). I decided to give it a try in SL first so I could see how things might fit together without have to use that saw (and potentially cutting off my fingers)! I really hope you enjoy the SL version.

The table and chairs are texture change and the chairs come with 7 sit animations. The table is 4 prims; the chairs are 5 prims each and, for the accessories: 4 prims for the candles and 5 for the pitcher of flowers.

Get it now until the end of Monday (okay, more likely Tuesday Morning) for only 55L @ fucifino.