More About Me...

I've been around Second Life for a few years now - did the obligatory club scene, owned my own club. That didn't last too long. SL to me is now about content creation and fashion. I love to create (and learn) & to search for the most awesome creations in Second Life. I'll be opening my store, fucifino, soon and I will be showcasing my new creations here as well as all those awesome finds that I come across in my SL travels.

Another Side of me: Land Owner

I'm co-owner of Belle Island Estates. We offer land for rent or sale, residential or commercial. Currently offer 4096 lots for sale or rent. If you want something smaller, bigger, etc, we'll work with you to customize how you want your property.

Hunts and stuffs

First of all, I want to thank all of you who came to my Grand Opening!  I really appreciate it! <3  Even though my Grand Opening is over, the Sale is not! I decided to keep the sale going until April 3.

In other news, I will be participating in the Unknown Hunt, which starts on April 1 and goes thru April 31. Starting location is here.  My hunt prize for this hunt is the Tozzo Bookcase Table. It comes with all the shown accessories. Use it as a bookcase, a coffee table or an end table, but you'll only be able to get it during this hunt.

The Tozzo Bookcase Table for the Unknown Hunt

Breaks for an Apple

I need a break

I've been pretty busy the past few weeks and I really needed to take a break from all that and play catch up.

First on that catch up list is the new skin line from Apple May Designs - Gaia. I was a little hesitant with this skin when I saw the ad. It was different from what I've worn in the past. But then I put it on. I prefer a natural look so I really enjoyed the Gaia Base Skin line. This is a good skin to layer up with different makeup tattoos to create your own look.

Apple May Designs (AMD) Gaia Base Skins

My favorite tones are Gothly and Peachy. When I tried on Gothly, I'll be honest, I was expecting a completely white skin. I was glad it wasn' really is a nice pale.

You can also get the Seduce Make Up packs as well.  I photographed this in the Pale tone of the skin. Like I said above, I prefer the more natural look.

Apple May Designs (AMD) Gaia Seduce Makeups

Credits for top pic:
Skin: Apple May Designs - Gaia Pale
Hair: elikatira - Comfort - VIP Collection (Black)
Earrings: Caroline's White Pearl Stud Earrings
Top: Grixdale - My Vintage Frock -  Sparrow
Jeans: JANE - 27 jeans classic wash
Shoes: Ty Zvezda BUNTY Heels - Off White
Pose: Olive Juice - Crystal Renn is the Shit

Fucifino is Now Open!!!

Today is the day!  My store, fucifino, is now open! I am also having a Grand Opening Sale. Everything is on sale, including the buildings. There is also a free gift for you:

fucifino - grand opening Gift!

Inspired by my son, who was playing with his Legos while I was building. He told me to build a table in the shape of a 'G'. He also wanted an 'O' and 'S', 'T', 'O', and 'P'.  :-) 

fucifino - coming soon!

fucifino is opening on Sunday, March 27!  Don't forget about the Grand Opening sale!  Here's some of the items available at the store.  I'll be adding lots more things in the coming weeks as well.

fucifino - Screened Sleeping Portico

fucifino - Coastal Living Skybox

fucifino - Basic White Libreria

fucifino - Cordiale Chair

fucifino - Paddy's House

There's more in the store, this is just a sample.  Follow my Flickr and my blog for more updates.

Today's 50L Friday

I am extremely busy today (the in-laws decided to visit) and I won't be able to blog today's 50L Friday.

Please visit Shopping Cart Disco for today's 50L Friday Roundup.  I'll have the Super Bargain Saturday available there tomorrow as well :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Coming Soon: fucifino!

fucifino is opening on March 27!  I am so excited that opening day is almost here!

And I'll be having a Grand Opening Sale!!!

ad done with the help of my son :)

You're probably wondering what type of items I will have in my store. Well, let's try this for an explanation...I like to make stuff. I love interior design and architecture.  I love houses; I love to decorate them. Put it together and that equals what I create.  :-D

And with that, check back in a couple of days - I'll have another post of upcoming products!

The Dressing Room-Blue March 18

Another session of the Dressing Room Blue! Pics and info below....

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Mimikri
Mimikri (Ma Chere Black 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: baiastice
Baiastice (Nico Dress - Blush 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Glow Studio 001
Glow Studio (Roses Socks 45L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Glow Studio 002
Glow Studio (Fat Chain & Feathers 57L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Glow Studio 003
Glow Studio (eco eyelashes 50L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: MonS
MonS (Lika Skin Series - Hot purple lips 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Exile
Exile (Reva Hair - 4 colors 60L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: kunglers
Kunglers (Dress - Old Rose 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Emery
Emery (Short Wild Beast 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Milk Motion
Milk Motion (My Blouse - Blue Flowers 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: TDR Special
Dressing Room Special (Ankle Bracelet with bow in Cyan 30L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Tee*fy
Tee*fy (Splashes Blazer 70L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: Vive9
Vive9 (Pelaje Pumps in Sky 75L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: LoQ Hairs
LoQ Hairs (Spring Hair Accessory 50L)

The Dressing Room Blue March 18 - April 1: kletva
Kletva (cib hair in swedish blonde 70L)

50L Friday for March 18

I know I am late for posting apologies!  When I took these pictures, Theosophy and Turquoise Unicorn Studios did not have anything out for today.

50L Fridays March 18: Deco 01
Deco: Roughneck Boots

50L Fridays March 18: Deco 02
Deco: Recycled Necklace. I love the bottlecaps!

50L Fridays March 18: Hoot
Hoot: Birdsong Eyeshadow

50L Fridays March 18: miel
miel: echo necklace (color change) totally digging this!

50L Fridays March 18: Artilleri
artilleri - ulrika top and Gunda Kitchen Scale. Why oh why did I get so excited over a kitchen SL!? so cute!

50L Fridays March 18: Young Urban
Young Urban: Edwin Jeans (for men and woman). Next to this vendor was their 49L item for Dudes. Don't know how long it's out for (yes, I am useless when it comes to stuff for the guys - I apologize).

50L Fridays March 18: Antebellum
Antebellum - facial hair MCCVIII. This ad made me LOL so hard. (demo available)

50L Fridays March 18: Lamb
Lamb: The Glow Redux (in black and white) (demo available)

That's it folks! Weekend has lots to offer for the shopper: Super Bargain Saturday (check out my post on Shopping Cart Disco), Project Themeory, The Dressing Room, Spruce Up Your Space, and Lazy Sunday! And I am sure on Monday, I will be adding more lindens to my account!

50L Friday for March 11

Another week and everyone is out!  Time to shop!

50L Friday: nordari (03/11/11)
nordari - light catcher curtains (4 curtains; 2 prims each; mod/copy)

50L Friday: clawtooth (03/11/11)
clawtooth - two styles (Shaken Not Stirred and True Betty); demos available.

50L Friday: Split Pea (03/11/11)
split pea - hair accessories 2 versions (Pluck all your silly strings)

50L Friday: (03/11/11) - baseball tee (3 colors)

50L Friday: So Many Styles (03/11/11)
So Many Styles - Jean high waist skirt in Pink

50L Friday: Ty Zvezda (03/11/11)
ty zvezda - Berrie & Bracken (pack of 3 sculpted skirts)

50L Friday: Whippet-female (03/11/11)
Whippet & Buck - Ladies Umber Pack (all of that 50L!) Great for this week's upcoming 52 Weeks of Color Challenge

50L Friday: Whippet-Unisex (03/11/11)
Whippet & Buck - Unisex Umber Pack (again - very nice for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge)

50L Friday: Doppelganger (03/11/11)
Doppelganger Inc - Worn Jeans (4 different colors - each 50L)

50L Friday: Milk Motion (03/11/11)
Milk Motion - 3 different items (skin - ninon-light; my girly shorts; my blouse). Each 50L.

Remember that tomorrow, I'll have the Super Bargain Saturday (SBS) post over on Shopping Cart Disco (SCD)

Have a great weekend!!!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 18 (Ecru)

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 18: Ecru

18 weeks of doing the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! I can't believe how many bloggers still are participating - it's great!  I've been getting a little lazy but this week I forced myself to get this done before the weekend - and I did it!!!

I really wanted to do a summery type post this week (we just got a whole bunch of snow this past weekend and I'm SO ready for winter to pack it up).  So I was very surprised to see that I had a dress for Ecru already in my inventory. Such a simple, summery feel to it, waiting to be dressed up however you like.  Imagine a cardigan, a picnic basket, a large sun hat, or maybe even a man (or woman) by your side.  I so can't wait for Summer!

Dress: Whippet & Buck Lismore Drop-Waisted Maxi NEUTRAL
Shoes: Surf Couture - Shoelace Sandals - Black (color change laces)
Skin: Belleza Melissa SK group gift
Hair: elikatira Just - Brown 09
Bracelet: Eels Sole Accessory. Fook leather bracelet
Pose: Olive Juice - Bella

Cheeky Pea, Awesome Blossom and some other great SBS Home & Garden finds

So today was one of my favorite events - Super Bargain Saturday.  I love the great mix of home and garden and fashion items. I tend to buy way too much on the weekends!

Cheeky Pea created a new house for this event called, Bella's House.

Cheeky Pea's Bella's Cottage 001

I rezzed it crazy fast and started to decorate!

First up, my favorite room in the house - the bedroom:
Cheeky Pea's Bella's Cottage 002
This room was so fun to decorate. I really liked the French doors that lead into the room.  Also, a little different was the window at the top of the wall instead of center. After a mini thinking session, I decided that I really liked it up like that.

Furniture shown:
what next 'Sleepover' Daybed-Project Themeory Limited Edition
Awesome Blossom Fairy Tale wall decal
Awesome Blossom Old Wrinkled Rug
Awesome Blossom Rose Potted Tea Kettle
chronokit happa 02 (potted plant in the corner)
fucifino - Basic White Libreria Bookcase (coming soon)
nocc. tulip flower pot_salmon pink
ARIA Aster picture frames
skream! Jewelry Box
what next File Boxes
LISP - Chair & Floor Mirror with Lanterns White
Second Spaces Grandma's Secretary Desk - floor albums
LISP - Etched Wardrobe - White
CLEMATIS-bonbai 9Prim

Cheeky Pea's Bella's Cottage 006

Next on to the main room. I set up a living room on one side and a little kitchenette area on the opposite (picture and info will be shown later). This week, Awesome Blossom released for SBS a couch version of the Oversized Knit Chair. I love this!  It's so cozy!  It has some cute animations too - for singles and couples. But I will just show you the single because that's how I roll.

Furniture shown:
Awesome Blossom Oversized Knit Couch
Awesome Blossom Oversized Knit Chair
La'Licious Trash To Treasures Pallet Coffee Table
Awesome Blossom Old Wrinkled Rug
Southern Bella - Bird Cage Wall Art - Prim
LISP - Tache Tapestry Grey
Thistle Vintage Maps
Concrete Flowers - Memories Picture Frame Line
Phi - Parisi Curtains

Cheeky Pea's Bella's Cottage 005
*A closer look at the Oversized Knit Couch. Also you can see the coffee table that La'Licious has out for SBS today.

Cheeky Pea's Bella's Cottage 004

So onto my kitchenette area, as I was going thru my inventory, I realized I need some more kitchen items. *adds to the to-do, I mean, to-buy, list*

Furniture shown:
ARIA Bryony cabinet and accessories
Little Boxes Round Country Dining set (available today for 60L for SBS)
The Loft - Castara Kitchen set (modded)

And one more photo to show you the entrance into the bedroom:
Cheeky Pea's Bella's Cottage 003

To the left, I set up a little desk area.

Furniture shown:
Havana Nights Shabby Desk set
Second Spaces Cupid's Hall Mail Center

This is such a cute house!  It's on sale for 60L today (and Isla usually keeps her sale items available the entire weekend).  So get this exclusive SBS version while you can.  She plans to release the house with texture change (and different textures) in the future for 750L.

I so plan on living in this house for awhile :)  Can't wait to finish decorating it!