More About Me...

I've been around Second Life for a few years now - did the obligatory club scene, owned my own club. That didn't last too long. SL to me is now about content creation and fashion. I love to create (and learn) & to search for the most awesome creations in Second Life. I'll be opening my store, fucifino, soon and I will be showcasing my new creations here as well as all those awesome finds that I come across in my SL travels.

Another Side of me: Land Owner

I'm co-owner of Belle Island Estates. We offer land for rent or sale, residential or commercial. Currently offer 4096 lots for sale or rent. If you want something smaller, bigger, etc, we'll work with you to customize how you want your property.

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 17 (Electric Lime)

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 17 Electric Lime

Okay, now that I am caught up with the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, it's time to lay down and relax for a bit. So I bid you goodnight!


Top: Tee*fy Lime Loose Tank
Panties: Exodi Lusty Undies - Lime
Shoes: LeLutka Saffron Pumps (Black)
Skin: tres blah {Tan} Blessa: In The Morning - Dark Brows
Hair: elikatira: Play - Brown 09
Pose: Olive Juice: 'Sup

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 16 (Teal)

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 16 Teal

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm a week behind. And I have lots of excuses for it too.  One of which was having some well-earned fun.  Such a slacker, right?  

I had these bowling pieces for a while now and I always wanted to use them and the teal week in the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge allowed me that opportunity. I also found a bowling alley too! AND I got a STRIKE! I ended up with 3 strikes in the 10th frame....well, my son did anyway. :-D


Pants: Zenith=Dark Blue Jean Capris
Shirt: HellBop - Mike - Teal bowling shirt
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks * Faded Teal
Bowling Shoes: Jeepers Shoes - Strike!
Skin: Tuli Zoe / pale :: 04 Electric
Hair: TRUTH Kymberly Streaked - java
Pose: Olive Juice: Stacie makes me jump for Joy

Fifty Linden Friday for 25.02

Land Available for purchase/rent for commercial/residential

Belle Island Estates has a few properties that have become available for either purchase or rent. You'll find a list of them below, along with the details and the SLURL to the location so you can take a closer look. Tier/rent is paid at our Real Estate Office. All tiers/rents listed are weekly prices. We're always willing to work with our tenants - if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. You don't know unless you ask. :-)

On Belle Island, we have quite a few different properties available:
The properties on Belle Island all are water front properties. They are very secluded with mountains surrounding you on three sides, giving you loads of privacy. All are 4096 m2 and have 937 prims. Purchase price is 1,000L and weekly tiers are 1,875L. If you would rather rent, please contact me so I can get you set up with our group so you can rez your items.

Here are the available SLURL's with pictures:

Belle Island Estates #101

Belle Island Estates #102

Belle Island Estates #103

Belle Island Estates #104

Belle Island Estates #105

Belle Island Estates #106

Belle Island Estates #109

Belle Island Estates #112

Belle Island Estates: The Escape Skyhomes:

New to Belle Island Estates is The Escape. Ground level is a beautiful community area for all tenants of Belle Island Estates to enjoy and, in the sky, we have 6 skyboxes available for rent. We have used skyboxes from some of the coolest creators in SL ({what next}, theosophy, Awesome Blossom, to name a few). And my collection of skyhomes will continue to increase - I have quite an addiction to purchasing them - so if you would like a different skyhome, that can be arranged (within a reasonable prim limit, that is). The skyhomes come with 200 prims in which to decorate, with a weekly tier of 399L. Please contact me in world with any questions you may have.

Skybox #1
Skybox #2
Skybox #3
Skybox #4
Skybox #5
Skybox #6

Vanity Universe Skin Fair Roundup Vol. 2: Tuli

Tuli Zoe Skin Tones

Tuli is one of those my favorite places for skins. I hear that a new skin is arriving and I am there! And for the Vanity Universe Skin Fair, Tuli gives us Zoe. One of my favorite features of the skin is the cheekbones. What can I say, they are hot!

All the skin tones are beautiful, but my favorite is the sunkissed, especially as I pray for warmer weather in RL. And since Sunkissed Zoe is my favorite, the rest of the pictures are taken with that skin tone line.

Tuli Zoe eye makeup options

Zoe comes with tons of options and your combinations are almost endless. Six makeups are available and these are on the skin layer. (see above)

Tuli Zoe lipstick options

You also get an additional 8 brow and 12 lips options (see above for example); 3 lash options; as well as cleavage and freckles.

Tuli Zoe cleavage options

Tuli Zoe Brows & Freckles
*black brows on the left; original brows and freckles on the right*

All these are tattoo layers, so if you are using a non 2.x based viewer, using all these options at the same time is not doable. This skin and all the options makes me want to try Kirsten's or the official SL viewer again. (maybe, just maybe, I can get shadows to work consistently this time....)

You can only get the Zoe skin at the Skin Fair, which runs until March 6th.  After that, you can get it at the Tuli Mainstore.

Other Credits:
Sweater: Fishy Strawberry Early Morning Cardigan - White
Panties: Whippet & Buck Grace Knickers in Rose
Hair: elikatira Play - Brown 09
Pose: Olive Juice - Sullen Girl

Vanity Universe Skin Fair Roundup Vol. 1: Grixdale

Grixdale Emery Skin tone Options

I went to the Vanity Universe Skin Fair's Bloggers day this past weekend and grabbed loads of demos and proceeded to spend the rest of the day trying them all on. It took me awhile to whittle them down to the ones I liked and then to the ones I loved.

One of those skins was Grixdale's Emery skin line. There is a quiet softness to the skins. I pretty much love all the skin tones, which there are six options.

Grixdale Emery in Honey

There are seven makeups available but you can only get the Bullet Proof makeup in the fat packs. Many options are available with each makeup: day or night makeup, freckles and cleavage.  The picture below shows the skin without the cleavage option on the left and with the cleavage on the right.

Grixdale Emery Cleavage options

The only unfortunate is the lack of blonde brows option. But I have left my blonde roots behind me, so I am cool with this.

Other Credits:
Hair: TRUTH Betty -  dark browns - Cocoa
Panties: Whippet & Buck Grace Knickers in FOAM
Top: Pig - Lazy Sweater White
Pose: Olive Juice Handsy Runway

A Cheeky Weekend

Cheeky Pea SBS

First up for Cheeky Pea this weekend is the Folly Beach Daybed Set for Super Bargain Saturday (SBS). I always love the cute poses that come in Cheeky Pea's furniture. The backdrop for this photo is the Coastal Living Skybox from fucifino (to be blogged about at a later date).  I am wearing some of my favorites in this picture: Neve from Truth, my favorite pair of jeans from Surf Co., and the Precious Pink tank top from Fishy Strawberry.

Cheeky Pea SUYS 001

Next up is Spruce Up Your Space (SUYS).  It's the one year anniversary of SUYS!  I can't believe it's been only that long! Cheeky Pea's offering is Dandelion Clocks. I am in love with this clock!  All the furniture shown is included.  Snatch this up this weekend because it will go up to full price afterwards!

Oh, by the way, I am wearing Milk Motion's cute offering for this week's 50L Friday!  You still have 7 more hours to snatch this up!

Cheeky Pea SUYS 002

Cheeky Pea's SBS and SUYS items are out now and will be available all weekend!

SBS Credits:
Furniture: Cheeky Pea Folly Beach Daybed Set for SBS
Top: Fishy Strawberry Spaghetti Strap Tops - Precious Pink
Jeans: SC Surf Couture - Belmar Skinny Jeans - Original
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)
Skin: tres blah-  {Tan} Blessa
Hair: Truth - Neve (Cocoa)

SUYS Credits:
Furniture: Cheeky Pea Dandelion Clocks Set for SUYS
Skin: tres blah-  {Tan} Blessa
Hair: Truth - Neve (Cocoa)
Shirt: (Milk Motion) My  flounced shirt FLF
Skirt: (Milk Motion) My black long skirt FLF

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 15 (Red)

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 15 Red

So I was standing up on my platform in the sky, letting my kitties beg for my attention, as I tried to figure out what to wear for this week's challenge. Outfit after outfit tried on and then taken off. Nothing was doing it for me. Nothing screamed "THIS IS IT!" And then I got the message that there was a new group gift from Kyoot. I started to get hopeful but I had doubts - maybe it wasn't red, maybe it was pink. Then, I saw the three letters: RED.  YES!  I squealed when I tried it on! Va-va-voom!  


Dress: Kyoot - He Loves Me Best Dress (Red - Group Gift)
Earrings: R.icielli - EUSTAQUIA earrings #gold / quartz (Part of this week's Dressing Room offering)
Skin: Mother Goose's Sophie--Moss Rose(Cellar event)
Hair: TRUTH Sandra -  dark browns cocoa
Pose: Olive Juice - Crystal

Cheeky Pea @ CHIC Limited

Cheeky Pea @ CHIC Limited 001

One of my favorite stores is at it again. Cheeky Pea has released Doris' Saturday Night In exclusively for CHIC Limited (for more information about CHIC Limited, check out their blog). The theme this month is anti-Valentine and what says that better than a Saturday Night at home with coffee, books and a box of tissues. The chair comes with many animations and has a texture change menu (as does the lamp shade and the pillow in the cat bed).

Cheeky Pea @ CHIC Limited 002

Here's my cute little kitty, Imen, enjoying her new bed.

Cheeky Pea @ CHIC Limited 003

And here's my other kitty sticking his tongue out at me because I am home by myself on a Saturday Night - Damn Cat! Who wants him???


Furniture: Cheeky Pea Doris' Saturday Night In available @ CHIC Limited
Outfit: R.icielli - ALEXIA moleton + ASH jeans
Flats: Tee*fy You&me Flats PINK
Skin: tres blah-  {Tan} Blessa with freckles
Hair: TRUTH Neve -  dark browns Cocoa

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Week 14 (Black)



Top: L`Abel-Saige black shirt
Pants: JANE -  essence full suit.raven
Shoes: elikatira Millside Flats - Brick (VIP Gift)
Earrings: DECO - Group Gift Essential Pearl Earrings
Handbag: Duh! Little Black Beaded Clutch
Sunglasses: elysion optic Aarya Crack
Hair: Clawtooth: Snow Bunny (for the Seasons Hunt Prize)
Skin: The Body Co. / Sage (T02)
Pose: Olive Juice - Like, You Know

New @ Cheeky Pea

New Cheeky Pea!

I love weekend shopping in SL.  Maybe it's because everyone sleeps in (except me) and I have some quiet time to just chill and concentrate on shopping. I tend to spend lots of money on the weekends. It's the only tradition I have kept since I started SL - weekend shopping - and I am sure the merchants love that.

This past weekend, Cheeky Pea released the Sofia Desk.  It's the exact same desk I have been looking for to put in front of my RL bedroom window. The desk has such a romantic feel to it, with the curves of the desk and the tulips in the pitcher. I also like the added whimsy of the paper airplane. It made me giggle when I saw it. All the items on the desk come with the desk as does the chair. The included chair has quite a few animations and you also have the ability to adjust your position, which I always have to do because for some reason I made my avatar have long legs. (*note to self: maybe think about changing the length of my avatar's legs)

On the wall above the desk are Cheeky Pea's new memo boards: Birdy and Damask. I couldn't decide which one I like better so I put both of them on the wall.   :-)

Desk and Accessories: Cheeky Pea Sofia Desk
Memo Boards: Cheeky Pea Damask and Birdy Memo Boards
Bookcase: Kosh - Bookworm Shelf
Shirt: NINIKO BIG SHIRTS(check-Red)
Jeans: This is a Fawn - Pegged Jeans [grass stained]
Heels: LeLutka Saffron Pumps (Black)
Hair: TRUTH Kymberly -  dark browns Cocoa

I < 3 Originals Fair: Absolution

Absolution is taking part in the I <3 Originals fair, with FOUR new releases. First up, is the Adrienna Dress. It's short and sexy and comes in many colors. The red one is a limited Valentine's Day edition that won't be sold anymore after the fair is over.

Absolution @ the I <3 Originals Fair 01

The Barely There Shoulder Top comes in the colors shown below as well as pink, purple and white.

Absolution @ the I <3 Originals Fair 02

Next up is the Strapless Top. This is my favorite out of the releases. I love that all these releases have many layer options which is great because these tops are great for layering with jackets or other shirts.

Absolution @ the I <3 Originals Fair 03

Finally we have the Tulip Back Shirt. It frames your booty so nicely. ;-)
Absolution @ the I <3 Originals Fair 04

The I < 3 Originals Fair runs until February 13. More information can be found at the following website:

Other Credits: 

Jeans: This is a Fawn - Pegged Jeans [grass stained]
Skin: Belleza Erika Group Gift
Hair: TRUTH Kymberly Cocoa
Pose by Olive Juice

I < 3 Originals Fair: Cheeky Pea

I <3 Originals: Cheeky Pea 01

Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea has done it again with another fantastic offering. She has created the Stonehaven Gazebo for the I < 3 Originals Fair which starts today and runs until February 13.

I am in love with this Gazebo! The options seem endless. Almost every item has the ability to change texture - the pillows, the blanket, the rug, the gazebo itself and even the grass on the top!

The bench has many options: texture change and loads of animations for couples, friends and even some for a singleton like me!

I love that with a click of your mouse, a menu will pop up asking you what items you want to rez. This means you can rez what you want and not have to worry about dragging it from your inventory and taking the time to place the item where it should be. If I don't want pillows, CLICK! If I want pillows, CLICK! Very good for someone that can't make up their mind (hey, don't look at me!)

The gazebo with the bench is 12 prims and with everything rezzed, you're looking at 70 prims.

I <3 Originals: Cheeky Pea 02

Check out the Cheeky Pea Stonehaven Gazebo, available only at the I < 3 Originals Fair until February 13! And check back, I'll be blogging more items available at the Fair!